Gay Marriage: Bend Over And Take It

Why allow gay marriage?
The reason is this: marriage as we know it today is an abstract of mans thinking – and therefore a created institution.  We already recognize that we cannot disallow minorities from any institution.
Marriage, as it stands now, is no more similar to original Biblical marriage than gay marriage would be.  there is enough philosophical difference between the two constructs (Biblical vs. modern) to make them equally as reprehensible, damn-worthy, heretical and wicked to the pre-medieval sensibilities.
As readily as it would be recognizable to the modern mind that disallowing a racial minority from marrying a majority, or owning property, or a having a license of any kind (which are all man-made abstractions), would be persecutory, bigoted and illegal – it should so too be immediately recognizable that disallowing any minority from the licenship to marry is just as foul. None of these abstract ideas we commonly use to partition and govern our lives are real.  You cannot touch a marriage, put a piece of land in your pocket, see a religion, or prove the value of money.  All of these are abstract ideas that exist fleetingly as agreements between people.  Not agreements between the same one God of North America and ALL of earth.
So – given that marriage, as it used today, is as much a man-made institution as anything, barring admission to a non-hetero couple is culturally and legally unacceptable.
The rub is this:  marriage is not innately sanctimonious.  People sanctify their agreements by adhering to them.  That is the only magic in the mix – that fulfillment of a ‘promise to a people’ is a God-like gesture and thus aligns you with the Universal Law of Truth and alchemizes your live(s) with that Virtue.  Heterosexually-configured humans are not bestowed with any special privilege of experiencing a Truth that anyone else is not.  We bring sanctity to our unions.  We bring sanctity by fulfilling our intentions and agreements under Love, and that is all that is happening when a marriage is done right.  The benefit to this construct was never ‘given’ by God, a church, a government or a piece of paper downtown.  It was earned and maintained by the couple involved.
There is no such thing as rote, automated sanctity.
It is time to bring awareness to this dirty trick that whitey has played: “allowing” what marriage means to evolve from it’s inconvenient earlier state to something much more suitable to how white men would like to live their lives – is a farce of the eons.  Once upon a time the word of god was considered inerrant.  Then the word of God was spellchecked by the arc of female temperament that has come into the fold in western societies – and revised marriage to be less male-centered, and rightfully so.
By now it has experienced innumerable revisions.  They can call it  “sanctimonious”, and then disallow its benefits and inclusiveness to whomever whitey deems to be the outsiders de rigueur. This community-by-disclusion trick has gotten old.  It is tribal and even animalian before that.  Shunning what is different to reinforce what is same is the farthest departure from anything Christ like.
And so why does it matter?…..what actually is – at a measurable level –  the effect of / reason for not resigning to the term ‘civil union’ even if it including everything?:…Language.
And that is reason enough.  Language is the currency of thought between people.  And that system wouldn’t work either if your dollar isn’t worth the same in your hand as it is in mine.  We must be equal in thought.  Our language informs the way that we regard one another, and if any minority, at the onset, are described in a manner that exists them even slightly outside the boundary of inclusion, then it makes them the likely candidate for the ‘community by disclusion’ instinct in human beings.  This would set in motion an archaic cascade separatist thinking.  Beginning with anti-social behavior, and ending with bigotry.  Then ending again at violence if remaining unchecked. It all begins like one cancer cell – one malignant thought can metastasize into a nightmare for a people if a non-wholistic way of thinking is given fertile ground in our hearts and minds.

8 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: Bend Over And Take It

  1. (Sonny…okay, Derek typed this, but I provided the outline notes, so there.)

    Well, with regards to the whole “Kill Whitey” thing, I’d just like to say…um….put the gun down for moment.

    Hmmm…okay (deep breath)…first of all, if we’re going to talk about the whole notion of the Bible coming out against any sort of union but a heterosexual one (all that nasty Leviticus stuff), let’s not forget that the bible wasn’t a white man’s creation. It got its start in the Middle East, and the original languages were decidedly old school Middle Eastern ones, such as Aramaic and Hebrew. It is completely true that white folks seized upon this good book as justification for whole scale torture and slaughter, but the first folks who read this thing were of a decidedly swarthier complexion.

    And on a related note, there is the sad fact that in 2008, a large chunk of support for California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 initiative came from the African American community. A great deal of “get out the vote” came from the pulpits of African American churches.

    Granted, we could argue that Christianity is something that slave owners forced on African Americans. Perhaps, had they embraced a more tolerant faith such as the decidedly “non-white” faith of Islam, they would have demonstrated the positive attitudes to same-gender unions that this paragon of peaceful beliefs has always reliably shown.

    The sad truth is that virtually every dogmatic faith has always had an almost obsessively lurid need to warp healthy sexuality. Witness, for example, the hideous, trauma-inducing exhortations that detail the consequences of masturbation. Furthermore, witness the bizarre obsession with genital mutilation that, if you’ll forgive the choice of words, cuts across many faiths.

    There have, always have been, and always will be people who desire–and deeply, deeply love–people of the same gender. And, sadly, there will always be people of all beliefs–and all races–who will save their most cherished sadistic hatred for these people, who simply want a happiness that to everyone else is a given.

    At the same time, fortunately, there will be people on hand to defend those who are constantly under attack for the simple crime of simply being who they are. And it is worth noting that some of these people have been male, and, yes, some of these males have been, and continue to be (in my case, at least) white.

    Derek and Vickey

    • Okay….well to clarify, the use of ‘Whitey’ was more of a euphemism for ‘person in power at the time’, so sort of ‘Whitey du jour’. Be it the Jews in the desert or even the power the African American minority can have over the more minor LGBT minority. ‘Whitey’ is a state of mind. An additional entendre factored in there was to show a relational similarity to the way whites had regarded civil rights as compared to how those in power are regarding Marriage Equality now. I felt like the term ‘whitey’ encapsulated that well, engendering peoples memory and feeling toward a majority impeding civil equality of a minority. So not really meant solely at its superficial racial rudeness. From time to time, I consider myself white as well ; )

  2. Hi, how are you?

    First of all thanks for the like on my horribly formated post, sorry for straining your eyes like that but I just wrote it on my tablet and the WordPress app is kinda messed up and it doesn’t insert the spaces in the article, even if I put them there.

    I like the way you write, you do a great job at explaining concepts shelled in words that otherwise have no meaning or purpose but to dumb down and constrain the fine mechanics of the mind. That could very well serve the purpose of changing minds that have ears to hear (in this case, eyes to read). We have various political journalists in my country that do the exact same thing and it made me understand and care about it more because either we like it or not, they shape the world we live in, socially, financially, etc.

    The same with you, if only the message could reach to enough people to make that difference but sadly the same church that was supposed to be a spiritual power and guide but is a power of the state, country, kingdom or what have you. Hell, they are a power in the whole world and a evil one for that matter despite their desired image they run it and control it.

    Now, is it really such a wow factor that they want to interfere with the happiness and well being of a group of people just because they are gay, lesbian, transexual and so on? I think not, oh and I don’t even feel like looking up statistics of gay people in the church concentration versus “the outside” because I know what the turn out is going to be on that. So they are both evil and hypocrite, how sweet. Oh and also they might want to pick up and read their holy books again because frankly they don’t know anything about them or their God. More people died “in the name of God” than in the first and second world war combined. And we still call Hitler the devil, isn’t that kind of, off? Oh, and don’t get me wrong, he was one of the worst things that happened to this world, but up untill the point where he screwed up and started killing, torturing and starving people, he was one of the best leaders Germany had up untill then or ever since. He grabbed that country from the mud and put it back on it’s feet with grat economics, industry, lots of workplaces, healthcare, infrastructures and so on. Now, what did the church, ever do?

    So them patronizing over marriage and basically the ground of a family a couple is trying to build on that ground? Oh, but that is just a piece of the puzzle my friend.

    Keep writing though, maybe we can create a… counter puzzle should I say to theirs. And your writing combined with mine, John’s, Margret’s, Kyle’s and a few more million people, might make people understand so a larger mass can express accordingly and take action. People need to understand, not just to be told, understanding is the key.

    And sorry if this is weird, because my comment is blog post sized but I’m just long winded like that and I always just have to speak my mind.


  3. The whole idea of a marriage is somehow useless in my opinion. I personally don’t see myself in the white dres etc. and I prefer to start my own family with someone without being married to them. I support the gay marriage though since this is important for some people.
    But even though I don’t quite see myself married, I may do it with a woman or with a man in the future.

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