Cathloholics Anonymous: A Sobering Communion With Facts

With the selection of a new Pope, certainly a lot of mention is being made of the Catholic Church sex scandals. It was a matter of time before someone took the crass easy shot of making sure homosexuality stays blended with molestation in the minds of the auto-pilot public. Leave that to Bill O’Reilly, who this week, took it upon himself to ‘whoopsie daisy’ conflate homosexuality with molestation (more on that later).  Alas, I figure it’s worth clarifying this matter as this poison calls for an antidote.  It is often said that the two have nothing to do with each other, and just as often silently assumed that they do. But it is never explained how the two got conjoined to begin with. Here’s how:

1.  Absolution of sin by proximity to God.

If you’ve grown up in a Catholic family/country, then you’ve been immersed in a culture that makes certain you are aware that any deviation from heterosexuality is an outright sin, and one that you should be immensely ashamed of.  The prolonged internalization of this feeling can cause some men to ‘hide’ from persecution on the the two fronts they face it on:  1. society/family and  2. God himself.  By entering the clergy, the men, who are deviants by Catholic measure, are ‘excused’ from displaying any normal sexuality because they are to be chaste, therefore, no suspicion is ever aroused that they are homosexual since they don’t take wives.  The same modality is applied the molestor-types, as obviously taking a child partner would never be possible.  That is the the model of deflection used toward society.  And for their personal concerns, they can assuage their guilt and sinful nature through their constant communion with and proximity to God working in the Church.

2. Law Of Attraction – if you were to describe the Cardinal signs of Catholicism, they might be: sexually repressed, and guilt ridden.  Who else might be feeling this way? Those who are told their sexuality is sinful. Life is set up in a way that people who are of a similar feather flock together. What an irony then that this grand institution has focused so much energy into fear and judgement that it has become the most vibrationally similar element to that which it condemns.

Obviously homosexuality is not a sin against anyone.  This differentiates it from the configuration of sexuality which imposes upon a victim through molestation.  It is unfortunate that Catholicism has erroneously condemned Homosexuality to be such a sin, and it is because of this that the Homosexuals – who are innocent of any sexual immorality – are subjected to the same feelings of shame as those who are actually inclined to sexual crime.  So…it ends up being people who internalize shame that gravitate toward the clergy, although their reason for harboring this shame is MARKEDLY different.


11 thoughts on “Cathloholics Anonymous: A Sobering Communion With Facts

  1. Your view on good vs. bad sexuality seems consistent with the Libertarian Principle:
    People should be free to do whatever they want, except to initiate force, the threat of force, or fraud against other people or their property.

  2. What a refreshing outlook. Your thoughts are well put together. They are based upon the present world we live in, not the past where most people develop their opinions.

    Looking forward to your future blogs. You may just be the voice of a new generation.

  3. Sonni,
    I think we need to talk about what happens to those who have close proximity to Bill O’Reilly!
    The fetted stench of rotting flesh, the steady, slow shuffle,which at first seems laughable, until, living, thinking humans find themselves hopelessly outnumbered.
    “Brains, must have brains.”
    How can we rid ourselves of this virus of lies, abuse, and self- loathing?
    I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna get me one of them fancy bow& arrow shooters, and head for high ground!

  4. This is such an intriguing area. I agree with all the reasons you give but can’t help but speculate that it’s the repression of their natural sexual desires that leads so many priests (be they mainly heterosexual or homosexual) to become sexual abusers, of both children and adults. I mean, it must mess with their heads so much to have any sexual thoughts branded as sinful temptation. Combined with the lack of natural physical relief, this would warp anyone’s mind!

  5. Great writing! Also…

    It’s widely overlooked that the word homosexual was translated from the word arsenokoitai, which is translated incorrectly. This word isn’t used often, and no one truly knows what the word means. It is also important to note that Paul most likely would have used the word paiderasste to describe “gays”. That was the standard Greek term at the time for sexual activity between males. We can conclude that he probably meant something different than people who engaged in male-male adult sexual behavior.

    It is also interesting to point out that David, and Saul’s son, Jonathan were likely lovers. Although many will disagree, their relationship is clearly closer than a “brotherly” love. David states “Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women” Many verses can be used to describe a gay relationship between the two of them, or as a straight brotherly love as many proclaim it was. However it should not be overlooked, because David was still chosen in Gods eyes to be future King of the Israelites, God didn’t seem to be bothered by this if they were indeed lovers.

    Christianity has placed much emphasis on translations that aren’t accurate, and in fact based them as factual information. Similar to the word fag meaning “to tire or weary by labor; exhaust” , cigarette, and now known as a slur against someone who is gay. Meaning of words change constantly, and most Christians and other religious institutions negate these facts. Views on homosexuality are simply opinions, because what is “normal” to one is often not “normal to another. Often people need an excuse to explain why something feels abnormal, but there isn’t enough examples in the bible to support that gays are an abomination to God.

    Jesus was sent by God, because humanity clearly wasn’t understanding Gods message, and in fact still isn’t. One of the true representation of Jesus’s message is when he said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Meaning don’t judge others, because no one is born without sin, which is why Jesus died for our sins to begin with. ” The main message is “The Kingdom of God” which is past, present, future. God is the true maker of everything, and nothing is possible without God, and anyone that thinks they are the true ruler on earth or the most powerful are sadly mistaken.

    If Christians truly believe that Jesus is the Messiah then they wouldn’t be casting stones, they would know they are equally sinful as everyone on this earth including the very “gays” they damn, and if they are placed in some type of power, whether in a political or a religious sector, they would know that God actually reigns over them. Clearly Jesus’s message has been overlooked, especially by the very people who should see it the clearest. It’s unfortunate that the very people that are supposedly teaching the message is missing the biggest teaching of all. I actually feel sorry for most Christians, because they gain their “power” within themselves by casting stones at others.

    My mom recently told me despite what is going on with the wars, peoples judgments and damnation of others, and all many horrible circumstances going in the world today, to stay focused on God and only God. This is the most powerful statement that I have ever heard, because God is the only one that will judge, not the people who surround you, family, government, religious institutions, and not even the Pope. Everyone is entitled to their belief system, I happen to be a gay catholic man, and despite what the church says about me and my sexual orientation, I don’t listen, because most of all humanity are ego driven not God driven.

    “Power” is man made here on earth, some use it to make themselves feel superior to others by judging, some use it to control, some use it to gain wealth, but unfortunately power can always be acquainted with evil in one way or another. Those who seek wisdom do not have power over anyone, because with wisdom everyone is on a level playing field, and there is no reason to feel superior, because superiority doesn’t exist. In religious terms God is only superior. Most will always choose power over wisdom, because those who seek power view wisdom as weakness.

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