Homosexuality Will Be The Cure For Religion

I came across this: DNA Proves Homosexuality Is Not A Race Issue But A Choice – We Are Responsible For Our Choices

What’s interesting is, while I do see truths in the Bible encoded in a more metaphorical and metaphysical way, something like that post ironically comes across to me as Satanic. (Or egoic in the meta sense), and completely the opposite of Christ’s teachings, which are the Diamond in a lump of Biblical coal.

The first and most potent counterpoint to make when faced with the misguided ideology of people like this person is this:

The Religion You Choose To Follow Is Just That – A CHOICE…
…and for this body of persecuted people to begrudge anyone else for making a lifestyle choice that isn’t sanctioned is:

1. hypocritical
2. comical
3. witch hunt-y
4. devilish
5. egoic
6. fattening

If you are Christian and have a bug up your ass about Gays choosing to be gay, cool your heels and do not continue to utilize this meme as justification for you to enact your bigotry and persecution. It can’t matter that gays choose to be gay if it doesn’t matter that you choose to be religious. You were once persecuted, crucified, fed to lions for sport — all because a less tempered and enlightened society than ours felt the same way about you as you are toward LGBTs. It does not matter if being Gay is a choice. Being Christian is a choice. And our law allows for you to make that choice and be protected from persecution as well as there being any law that would forbid you from worship (which is the exhibition of your lifestyle).  Consider extending this same courtesy to us, lest you be considered anachronistic thwarts against progress and a civil society.

One of my favorite dumb nuggets in this posting of his is that at the bottom, it refers to another article of his called

“DNA is Evidence of God – Ordered Information Light years Beyond Our Comprehension -Lee Stroeble” (christcenteredteaching.wordpress.com)

In which he quotes: “DNA is a coded language so sophisticated that our greatest minds still can’t fathom it fully, and those most familiar with the ongoing work say we will be deciphering it for the next 100 years.”

Yet he’s wasted no time in condemning Homosexuality as a moral error because there is no DNA evidence for it.  This to me is an infallible example of the typical agenda-driven science and moral compass of the wayward religious right.

Was it not possible that in the dimension of DNA that is “light years beyond our comprehension”, there would exist the components expressing homosexuality? How could you miss something so obvious unless you were starting at Leviticus and working backwards, with the fuel of Biblically-inspired bigotry.

Now, all that being said, being Gay is of course not a choice. And the fact that it is not a choice is not necessarily predicated on finding a gene for it. For all we know, there could be metaphysical DNA in our souls that can’t even be registered on instruments. This could be the seat of such concepts as Karma, past life memories, intuition and psychic abilities, personality and sexuality….all the juicy things that make us more Human than our house plants. So in the meantime while we are down here figuring ourselves out, I suggest to you Mr.GodCameDown.com, that you speak nothing, do nothing, that would dampen the natural expression of, or threaten the well being of, any of God’s creations, however He created them.

Your article is persecutory and a hideous affront to the Divine intention for peace on Earth.


5 thoughts on “Homosexuality Will Be The Cure For Religion

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  2. From a sociological perspective, religion is not a choice. It is a social phenomenon mediated by situation. If you were born in China, for example, you are likely to be a Buddhist rather than a so called “christian.” Moreover religion is fabricated by man to exert hegemonic power over man. Social actors willingly cede their agency, because they perceive the ecclesiastic hierarchy as a divine authority figure. In reality, the church is only an authority on perpetuating itself. Conversely, homosexuality is primordial. It is akin to left handedness or epilepsy, both considered demonic by an archaic unenlightened church. Therein lies the essential difference. Religion is socially constructed whereas homosexuality is hard wired. The church provides simple, if not divisive, paradigms to engender the simple minds it needs for self preservation. Science necessitates skepticism to question paradigms and engender its advancement. When juxtaposed, the blind and the visionary are ostensibly antithetical, but in reality they are symbiotic and complimentary for there is no rationality without irrationality. In this regard the church needs science as much as religion needs science, if not to inform each other then to sustain their respective selves. To say religion is choice is as logistical as saying science is not a choice. The science of religion as well as the religion of science has enlightened us otherwise.

    • Sorry, some of your post is incorrect, Paul. Religion is definitely a choice. While your choice may be preconditioned by the societal circunstances you are brought up in, ultimately, belief in a particular religion is a matter of individual free will.

      One function of religion is indeed to exert hegemonic control over society, but to do that, religions need people to adopt them either by choice or coercion. That is why Constantine had to force the Romans to accept Christianity and why Islam, for example, demands judicial murder for those who choose no longer to believe in it: to reduce the possibility of choice. Many other religions have similar if less barbaric sanctions. But belief in any religion remains, ultimately, a choice, even if a choice under duress.

      If you mean that ‘to have faith’ is not a choice, that is to say that we are predisposed towards belief to such an extent that we cannot really function without it, then you may have something there, but it is subtly different. There is no need for that faith to be in a religion, as millions of atheist secularists like me prove. If we questioned everything, every day, life would be impossible, so we use faith; we (in general) trust authority figures, respect societal laws, accept the Laws of Physics and Mathematics, and so on, even when we do not fully understand them.

      Even Professor Richard Dawkins, that relentless opponent of supersition, is on record as saying ‘I have faith in scientific method.’ I could not begin to comprehend the mathematics that support String Theory, but I have faith that the mathematicians who developed it do, so I accept that it is a viable hypothesis. Adopting this framework of trust (which is really what faith is) lets us get on with the issues that most immediately affect us. If, every time an engineer had to build a bridge, he (or she) had to rediscover and prove the theory beneath the arch, then nothing would ever be built; so he accepts on trust that if he calculates the loads correctly, the structure will not fall down, and builds the bridge.

      Sexual orientation is indeed quite different from faith, no matter what that orientation is, and you are right that religion is socially constructed. However, orientation may be ‘hard-wired’ but it may also be fluid; it suits the socio-political ends of gay activists to assert that it might be, because at least this is some protection for them against the maniacs who believe people can be conditioned, by crude psychological methods no different from brainwashing, from one orientation to another. Nevertheless there is considerable evidence that individuals’ orientation does evolve through their lifetimes. The jury remains out on this; what is certain is that orientation is far more complex and subtle than the crude ‘gay straight bisexual’ model that has become popular.

      Science absolutely does NOT need religion to sustain it. It does require that people have faith in scientific method and stick to it and its rules in order to be consistent. But as above, faith is not religion, though religion hijacks faith. You might like to read up some of Dr Michael Shermer’s work on this, it’s very apposite.

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