About HSA

Like Captain Janeway mentioned, the Y2K bug didn’t so much as as shut off a lightbulb.

And now that we’ve survived the newest oldest boogie man, the Mayan Calendar, just in time to not fall off the fiscal cliff, what is left to do but evolve.

Nothing put us out of our misery. No threat from Mars united the Earth. Now we’re faced with facing ourselves and sorting out a load of generational exponential mess…

So this will be my contribution : )
Do serious writers make happy faces with punctuation?

These post-Stone Age orations with Photoshop cave drawings-
This Fireside Chat on wifi-
This Aereopagitica from a Blackberry-
will be a spiraling conversation – antique in intention, but brought to you by binary code.

The emergent HomoSapienAgenda: to show a missing link in viewpoints. We didn’t just evolve once, but are evolving.

Begin TransMission.


3 thoughts on “About HSA

  1. Shoot. You quote Janeway, you got me, though I am more of a TNG guy. Oh, and you seem to feel the same way about Jeebus Crispy as I do. I will read more soon. My child calls… (cries, yells, throws shit across the room, etc…). Thank you for this site.

    • Oh TNG is still my fave…with DS9 being a close second. The Janeway quote came to mind i guess because it was apro po. Thanks for the kind words and i hope to see you around here in the future : )

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