photography was done by Stephanie Lagravinese.  Please follow her work on Istagram @slagravinese



One thought on “Allies

  1. There may not be genetic markers of sexual orientation, but there seem to be situational correlations.
    Later born males have higher rates of homosexuality than 1st-borns. Could this be to provide child-caring uncles to help the 1st-born father? Would this have survival value for a genetic code that promoted such odds? Could a mother’s circumstances raising earlier offspring cause her to secrete hormones that influence the fetus towards homosexuality?
    A male sleeping near a pregnant mate receives pheromones that cause him to become more fatherly.
    Stress can prevent pregnancy.
    A woman having regular unstressed sex is more likely to get pregnant per each intercourse.
    Or… genetic coding that has survival value for that code?

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