Dream Cell

About Following Your Dreams….

I’d like to explore the importance of following your dreams and becoming who you really are as a matter of 1. metaphysical imperative 2. national importance and 3. a global necessity.

It’s a quaint truism; “follow your dreams”; and as many cute, rote, over-repeated sayings go, it may have had its importance bleached out and rendered inert.  So what is uncovered if you delve into the ramifications of applying this ideal?  And what were people noticing in life that ever made them sew such momentum into the concept, that they made it an adage and have been repeating it forever…

I believe it starts at the cellular level.  If every cell in your body does what it is ‘supposed’ to do, your body works well.  You experience health.  Health would be the equivalent of a ‘dream fulfilled’ if cells were to dream.

But cells don’t have free will.  They are orchestrated and animated by an unknown guiding light that it seems everything is tapped into.  So what happens if the conglomeration of cells – the person – has free will?  Are we still under the protective guidance and guardianship of this directive light?  Perhaps we are, but in exchange for free will, our connection to the light is (potentially) dimmed.  It’s as if the training wheels are off and we have to become willing to find our own way, unlike the cell, who is continuously shepherded into its right place – because its level of awareness is not consummate with the responsibility of staying on path on its own.

So when we, as a conglomeration of cells, experience health when our most basic building blocks follow their dreams – what then, would a society look like if its building blocks – people – all were following their dream?

And expounding this out further to the species-level – what would the global impact of a world full of people who made the choice to tap into this metaphysical field animating everything and ‘follow their dreams’ be?