Staging Ground

So, after 10 years of war, have you any idea what it was for?  To borrow a line…..”Ask yourself,…are you better off?”

I had to do a little mental addition…of all the conspiracy theories, main stream media talking head arguments, administration justifications, and independent conversations I’ve heard that have produced the precise ‘reason’ we have been straddled in war for the last decade – and I’d have to say that there must be 10 irrefutably accurate reasons why we did what we did, all correct, and all mutually exclusive, naturally.

How the hell is this possible.

How can we be mired in war on 2 fronts for 10 years and yet if you ask around, either no one knows why, or they state something completely different than the last person you just asked.   How can something as ominous and last resort-ish as war exist in a bubble of ambiguity… What is the precedence for this?  When was this ever possible before this new strange time period? ….So what does it mean…

I reviewed some of the aforementioned theories – mainstream and conspiratorial – in my living room tonight with some opinionated friends. And I came to a realization: the only measurable outcome from having engaged and sustained these conflicts is the hemorrhaging of American wealth.

So why would this be happening… If nature abhors a vacuum (the one where our money used to be), by whom and for why is this void in our power being created?

Someone must be creating a staging ground to swoop in and ‘save us’ from the very problem that they created.

Do you care that Iraqi women have the right to vote? Do you care that Afghan girls can go to school? Do you care that democracy is now the burgeoning political modality in Iraq (joke)? Can the average American even point out Iraq on a map yet? …Probably not.  So don’t tell me that our populous ever cared about the goings-on of some countr(ies) that they weren’t even thinking about until they were told to.  Millions are unemployed, removed from their homes, and are we supposed to believe that any of these people think this scenario was worth giving some foreigners the right to vote?  Hardly.  They should’ve fought and died for it just like we did.

Nothing of the good accomplishments we achieved there will be sustainable. It was never the true intention to revolutionize their way of life for their own sake to begin with, and it is impossible to forcefully evolve another society. This must happen from within to be authentic and sustainable. Our country cannot change their sociological philosophy for the better anymore than you could authentically invade someone’s home at gun point, murder their abusive man of the house, rob their valuables, and then sway them that the reason this was all made possible was because of the God-given bestowments of Democracy that you have that they don’t but now they should try it out too.

What are we in for…. because we haven’t been told the truth.